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Welcome to Kalika Microcredit Development Bank Ltd.! Kalika Microcredit Development Bank is a ‘D’ grade bank licensed from Nepal Rastra Bank under the Bank and Financial Institution Act, 2063. KMDB provides retail microfinance service to the economically and socially disadvantaged and deprived people. KMDB aims to join the hands with government in its national goal of poverty elevation. In collaboration with various sponsors KMDB will provide training programs and help in market management also.

The mission of KMDB is to identify the resources of local area and help in their maximum utilization and to transform the work hard people into entrepreneur by providing them loan.

KMDB attempts to support the national movement of poverty reduction through preparing the community which actively participates in national product.

The primary goals of KMDB are to: Reach a maximum number of poor households with potential and financial viability. Develop a well-managed institution with high staff morality.

Improving the life status of marginalized people through connecting them into groups to follow the loan and to provide saving service. Promoting the local production by increasing human and capital resources.

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