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Our Management


Min Bahadur Bohara

Chief Executive Officer

Min Bahadur Bohara is the Chief Executive Officer of Kalika and a Company Secretary. He have over 18 years of experience in community based microcredit program (Microfinance) and 3 years in development bank as an executive level. His experience in supervising a moderate group of professionals staffs in the field of microfinance  and development bank has been maintaining an excellent team harmony. He also have excellent knowledge to work as a company secretary to work progress of company and to make impartial relation with the board of directors of the organizations.

Department Heads

Khem Narayan Regmi

Human resources, planning, Supervision & Risk Management Dept Head

Khem Narayan Regmi is the Head of HR, Planning Supervision Risk Management department  at Kalika.Khem Narayan  currently heads the Human Resource Function and is responsible for manpower planning, training, strategic HR interventions etc. He is additionally handing Planning and Risk Management function. Khem Narayan is professional, with rich experience in Human Resource , Learning and Development, Recruitment, Employee Engagement. He has the Working experience for 10 years in  Nirdhan utthan Bank limited and Muktinath Development Bank for 7 years.

Er. Anup Shrestha

I.T Department Head

Er. Anup shrestha heads the IT function at Kalika and has an experience of more than 3 years in the filed of IT.Mr. Anup is responsible for developing the IT Strategy  for Kalika as well as for new technology implementation, software development, data  security and Management. He was assistant lecturer in various colleges for more then 2 year taking the classes of various IT related subjects and working as the IT associate solving all the IT problems .

Nirmal Gautam

Internal Audit Dept Head

Nirmal Gautam heads the Internal Audit function at Kalika and has a work experience spanning over 4 years.Nirmal is responsible for Auditing, ensuring compliance to statutory requirements and reviewing the adequacy of existing systems and controls from time to time.Nirmal began his career with Padam and Associates in the field of Taxation in Nepal, Tax audit and Internat Audit of Various Nepalese organization. He also has the experience of teaching the various accounting package.

Khem Raj Lamsal

Account Dept

Khem Raj Lamsal  works in Kalika  operating the Account deparmtent. He has good knowledge in Financial and Accounting sector as he has Seven years of teaching experience for various bachelor programs.and intermediate programsin the same field. He is now operating all the accounting and financial transactions of the company.


Managerial Staffs

Bhuma Kumrai Gaihre

Risk Management Dept

Bhuma Kumari Gaihre is working in loan and Risk management department in Kalika.Bhuma currently is responsible to protect the mortgage with insufficient document,ensuring the compilance with the risk paramenter, monitering of quality of loan portfolio on the periodical basis, identify problems and correcting the deficiencies,monitering of risk concentrations.bhuma is professional, with plenty of experience in community based microcredit program

Mina Subedi Dumre

Human Resources Dept

Mina Subedi  Dumre  Graduate of  Masters in Business Administration(MBA ) from Pokhara University being specialized in Human Resources Management. She was as a  Assistance Lecture of Human Resources Management and have involved in different Human Resources Management training. She bears a responsibility of  People, Process ,Planning  and Physical evidence Management.

Regional Heads

Kabita Pokhrel

Supervision Head ( Bhairahawa Region)

Kabita Pokhrel works at kalika as a regional head of Bhairahawa.She has the work expenience of 7 year in the field of microfinance.Working as Branch manager of various branches now she is leading many of the branches.Now she is monitoring  these Branches.kabita is professional with plenty of experience in community based  microfinance program.

Yam Prasad Aryal

Supervision Head (Waling Region)

Yam Prasad Aryal has works at Kalika as a regional head of Syangja region and has work experience of  5 years in the field of Microfinance.He also worked as an Accountant for the company and now he is monitoring the branches under his Regioin as a regional head.He holds the graduate degree in Masters in Business studies.  

Rajesh Shrestha

Supervision Head (Pokhara & Okharbazar Region)

Rajesh Shrestha is the regional head of Pokhara region. He also monitors the Okharbazar region at Kalika.Rajesh has an experience of public relation, organization management, monitoring and communication. He is good program planner for any program. He has much experience on various fields as teaching, NGO handling, mass communication and radio journalism.